February 24, 2009

Can't Wait to go Antiquing

This is my first blog and I am so excited to embark on what seems to be a fun adventure where others can join in. About 5 years ago I discovered little "works of art" that I could easily wear on today's fashions. These art works are Costume Jewelry created by "The Masters" such as Alfred Philippe for Trifari, Miriam Haskell, Adolph Katz for Coro, Eisenberg, Joseph Mazer and Marcel Boucher. I never even thought to seek out a piece of "used" jewelry and now I can't wait to go Antiquing. Sometimes I can't sleep at night if I know I am off on a potential treasure hunt the next day. I think about all the possible things I might find. I also find the people selling these items are a wealth of information and many are simply fascinating in their knowledge and travels in search of those hard to find items. If this subject interests you, stay tuned for ongoing information about my passion. There is a lot on this subject in books and on the web. You can go to Barnes and Nobel and just grab a chair and read through some great books with luscious photos that might peak your interest. Remember, if you inhert some vintage items never throw them away if you don't like them until you have someone look at them. You would be surprised at the value of some of these items.

Have a most wonderful day!