March 4, 2009

Found the Maker of my Vintage Jewlery Brooch

I purchased a wonderful Scandinavian enameled brooch on Sunday and I did not recognize the makers marks. I have done a bit of research on one of my favorite sites for silver marks "Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Maker's Marks. It is the mark for Finn Jensen.

With a little hunting you can get lots of information about you vintage jewelry. Based on the design and construction you can determine a time period, (sometimes it is very broad) country of manufacture and even the maker. Pick up a few of your pieces and look at the back. Are there any markings? What type of closure does it have? These are some of the clues that will help you.
TIP: If you have inherited jewelry or other items that you do not care for, don't just throw them in the trash. Some items might be worth a few dollars and some a few hundred dollars. There might be someone out there who will treasure your item and give it a second life.