June 24, 2009

Vintage Costume Jewelry Designers Mazer Bros.

I was looking at my lovely double clip brooch whose mechanism was patented by Marcel Boucher when he worked for Mazer Bros. and then looked through some of my costume jewelry books for Mazer and was reminded how beautiful their jewelry designs are. I thought I would share some informaton about the Mazer brothers and Jomaz.

Mazer Bros. was formed in 1927 by Joseph and Lincoln Mazer who were Russian immigrants. Many of their early pieces were made to look like fine jewelry. The high quality and color of rhinestones as well as plating techniques could at first glance look like real gold and gemstones. Mazer Bros. jewelry is high quality and was priced affordably for the times. A series of rhinestone encrusted masks were made and are highly collectible as is all Mazer jewelry. In 1947 Joseph Mazer started his own company and manufactured until 1981. Earlier pieces were signed Mazer Bros. Joseph Mazer pieces were signed Mazer or more commonly Jomaz.
I have included some photos of the Mazer Bros. and Jomaz jewelry I have or had. I love the diversity and even the newer pieces are extremely well made using beautiful rhinestones.

References taken from “Costume Jewelry a Practical Handbook and Value Guide” by Fred Rezazadeh as well as today’s recommended book.