June 27, 2009

Why Choose Vintage Costume Jewelry

Today I had a surprise when I met a friend for lunch. She gave me a pair of Laurel Burch earrings she has had since the 1980. She has never worn them as they were just not her style and she knows I love vintage so she gave them to me in hopes that they would be enjoyed. I have not taken them off as Laurel Burch was the first designer that I consistently purchased myself back in the 80's and still have every pair and wear them.

It started me thinking why do I enjoy vintage and antique jewelry so much and wear it more then the contemporary pieces I have. I realize for me, there is no single reason, but thought I would share them.

1. The quality of the pieces is often times much better then today's costume jewelry. After all they were originally meant to last a season or so and here it is decades later and still sparkling and wearable.

2. I am saving a piece of American history. Once upon a time, manufacturers such as Trifari, Coro, Boucher and Mazer employed hundreds of people right here in the U.S.

3. The designs were imaginative and many times large. Many designs were important enough to patent so the competition did not simply steal their ideas and imitate them immediately once they came out.

4. My pieces many times retain their value or are even more valuable today then when I purchased them.

5. I most likely will not see someone else wearing my piece as there are simply not very of that design around if it is at all.

If you do not own any vintage pieces, I highly recommend you browse around on line to see all your choices out there. Certainly something will appeal to you and you will be recycling and giving these beauties new life.